"Such a beautiful tragedy… To watch the burning sun fall into the deep, black sea."

Three individuals brought together by fate save the holy city of Tyddyn from being preyed upon by bandits. Their respective quests take them deep into a cursed forest from which they do not return. Separated and attacked in the night, they find themselves together again in an unfamiliar and unwelcoming place with no recollection of how they came to be there.

Their exploration of their surroundings reveals that this is an unholy place where the dead roam the land and the living huddle together in fear. Their only ray of light comes from the heirs of the posadnik of the village of Barovia, a place under constant torment by the minions of the Devil, who rules over this land. The son, Ismark Kolyanovich, tells them that they are in Hell, and that the Barovians dwell here as punishment for a forgotten sin by their ancestors. The daughter, Irina Kolyanovna, is being pursued by the Devil. Ismark requests their aid in taking Irina beyond the reach of the Devil so that he can focus on finding an answer to the question that has plagued him for much of his life: Can a man kill the Devil?


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