Gadof Blinsky

Toymaker in Vallaki with a jolly demeanor and macabre tastes


(GAH-duf BLEEN-skee)

Gadof Blinsky is the toymaker in Vallaki. He is exceptionally skilled, but the macabre aesthetic after which he models all of his toys is unpopular with the townsfolk. Consequently, his only paying customer is the baron, who pays him a small sum every month to make decorations for the weekly festivals.

Blinsky is a jolly man, despite the creepy trinkets with which he surrounds himself. He finds it charming to take something scary or gruesome and turn it into a fun plaything. Unfortunately for him, the other townsfolk don’t see things his way.

Helping him stave off melancholy is a small creature—a monkey—that lives with him and which he has trained to reach things from high shelves. He has named the monkey “Piccolo” and dressed it in a frilly costume. He jokes that he and Piccolo are “old friends.”

Blinsky has been extorted by Izek Strazni to make a doll every month based on a precise description of a woman. Blinsky did not know who the woman was, but he felt that he got closer to replicating her appearance with each doll he created. When the party arrived in his shop, he instantly recognized Irina as the model. Blinsky could not guess at Izek’s motivation, but he asked the party to be careful: Izek threatened to burn down Blinsky’s shop if he did not continue making the dolls, and he did not want the strangers to get on Izek’s bad side.

Blinsky considers himself the student of Fereidones, a master of clockwork creations who lived hundreds of years ago. He taught himself to craft clockwork toys based on some old books containing the master’s teachings. He has heard that the master’s greatest creation, a clockwork man, is locked away in Castle Ravenloft, and he would very much like to know whether the legend is true.

Gadof Blinsky

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